From 2020 to 2021
21 days
12/1 - 12/21
Powerful spiritual activations and daily challenges
to let go of "serious" limitations,
ligth up,
activate your soul power
and  flow to your creativity and life
Are you ready to activate ?

Let's create your "NEW-LIFE.2021" 

Imagine a bridge 

From 2020 to 2021 ...

From limitations, fears and loss of meaning

to a new year of  possibilities,light and purpose!

I will guide you to walk on that bridge

and boost each step with vibrational activations,

fun challenge,

self love and self care permissions,

creative and weird ideas!

Because you need 

You felt lost, tired, exhausted and overwhelmed !

you heard the call inside you

you deeply know that you are here for a free, fun and enlighten journey 

but you did not really find the gate to that possibility

You feel that it is "THE GOOD TIME " to change your life 

You really want 2021 to be not as the same as 2020

You need to light up and release of limiting believes and acts

You need to go out of the box, make your coming out and make your life your own way!

You need energy, booster, activation and ideas to rise your frequency


DETOX 2020

21 days of " Fun and Spiritual" CURE


15 min Spiritual Activation per day


1 daily "Action to Change" per day (fun/ creative/ spiritual/ selflove) 


1 fb group to share and live the journey

with other inspired and creative women



Letting go of 2020,
you will be free to create a new year
for a colorful, playful, abundant and enlighten life!
  • You will be renewed, boosted, and activate

  • You will powerfully open to your creativity connected to your higher self. 

  • You will  light up and align your life to your soul power and wealth!

  • You will open to new possibilities, high frequencies and confidence  to create YOUR BEST life 

  • and YOU will Not be ALONE !


Alexandra Antok

Spiritual Coach,

Artshaman and Visionnary

Funder of the "Booster d'Ame"Portal

Soul Booster Queen

My mission is about spiritual awakening and creating the life we deserve!

From my vision, channeling and vibrational activations, i help women to connect their soul calling, embody their power and flow in their creativity!

Allowing and Activating your spiritual power and gifts, you will get your "Best life", the abundant and extraordinary life you deserve!

Balles de lumière Vintage

What is included 

    Daily lives Spiritual Activations (15 min)

    Daily insight for creative, fun, self love or self care action

    to change your life

    On line community to safely express yourself,

    be on board with other soul connected women

DETOX 2020

Special Price 

2020 Gift

21Euros (only 1eur/day)

DETOX 2020
Because you deserve a light and vibrant life in 2021